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Tips on using Twitter #Hashtag with your Campaigns

If you want to reach a wider audience or engage in new accounts on Twitter, best bet is to follow a specific #hashtag.  OK, now many of you would be thinking what on earth am I talking about?  If you are a Twitter newbie or have been engaging on this micro-blogging site for sometime - whatever your interests are, you can search on twitter with any specific word along with a # and you get similar interest tweets and accounts.  Also tweets that you send on a daily basis generally are about certain topics ranging from news, information about yourself, about someone else, replying to people or just stuff that is trending so at least try to use one #hashtag on every tweet that you send. You will be surprised as your tweet will reach a larger audience and maybe make people start following you.  The use of a #hashtag saves people time to find specific topics on twitter and keeps all tweets organised. Wikipedia defines #hasthag as: A  hashtag  is a word or a phrase p