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Video: "One in a Million" By Owen Cant

Eventbrite Pub Quiz: 1 in Million Pub Quiz for Anya Behl at Akva Edinburgh

Join us  MAY 19 1 in a Million Charity Quiz for Anya Beh l Description Our Charity Quiz and raffle, hosted by Goose's Quizzes, is to raise money for Anya Behl/AHC research,   Sunday 19th May at Akva starting at 3pm TICKETS AVAILABLE HERE Anya has an extremely rare genetic condition called  Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood . She is only one of two children in Scotland with this devastating diagnosis and we are hoping to help her parents raise money for research to help find a cure for this condition. We can only imagine how this affects their every day lives and how hard it is to watch their child in so much pain. The following article gives more detail into their journey with this condition: BBC NEWS ARTICLE Please join us in helping to support Anya and her amazing parents, Katherine and Abhishek Tickets are £5 per person or £28 for a group ticket for up to 6 people (excluding Eventbrite bo