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Trophy hunters become the latest recipients of a coronavirus bailout - Tracy Keeling

There aren’t many upsides to the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic. But one of the few that do exist is that animals which hunters  planned to gun down  this year have received a brief respite. Botswana’s government, however, has just snatched that reprieve from the elephants in its country. Because the authorities have announced an extension to the hunting season. For hunters and safari companies set to profit from the massacre, it’s  welcome news . For the elephants concerned, it’s a death sentence. Saving the elephants’ skins Botswana  banned  trophy hunting in 2013/14. As wildlife economist Ross Harvey recently  pointed out  in the  Revelator , one of the reasons the country introduced a moratorium was because “excessive trophy hunting was considered among the potential causes of the decline” of the numbers of wildlife species.  Due to the ban and other policies, such as arming anti-poaching units, the country became one of Africa’s  last safe havens  for these magnificent creatures.