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What is "A Walk in the Park"? 

A Walk in the Park is a metaphor for life in general (Abhishek's MS, His daughter's extremely rare neuro condition, and the environment we live in) where we are so used to living life with so many hardships, even wildlife species have to live with so many battles that everything else becomes secondary. It's all about this "Walk in the Park".

Contributor (Abhishek)

Hello there and thank you for making your way to my blog and my about me page. 

My name is Abhishek Behl also known to many as Abhs. I have a background in wildlife conservation with a master's (MSc) in wildlife conservation & nature-based tourism from the Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) at the University of Kent at Canterbury (United Kingdom). 

Along with the lovely world of wildlife conservation, I also live with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) & this neurological condition is the relapsing and remitting form. Even just thinking about it now and counting, I have had MS for the last 20 years. WOW - That's a very long time and I should be very thankful for what and still am able to do with my career. MS affects every people differently and mine is more living with fatigue every day but is able to move about and get to places without requiring assistance. Walk in the Park certainly is very close as Multiple Sclerosis can make many lose the ability to walk and this surely co-related that my life journey can be very bumpy. I am able to walk and am thankful for that every day.  

It has been a long wait to start this platform and finally, I have got around it.  Most of all my updates, happenings, and things that I care about and am passionate about will be shared on this blog. 

Do leave a comment below as it is always nice to hear from you.

Many thanks 
Abhishek (Abhs) 

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