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Useful Links

My list of recommended websites with which I have had good connections, some way linked, been associated/engaged with them in the past.

If you would like your link to be featured below please get in touch with me and send me your link in the comments below or the other way would be to send me an email on akbehl (at)
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Charities / Not for Profits / Organisation:

Wildlife Conservation Society
Save the Rhino Trust - Namibia
UNEP- WCMC (World Conservation Monitoring Centre)
Fauna & Flora International
Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFTigers) 
Wildlife Conservation Trust
Sanctuary Asia Foundation
The Wildlife Trust of India (WTI)
Elephant Family
Snow Leopard Trust
Waste Warriors
Friends of Seva Mandir (UK)
Tiger Watch - Ranthambhore (India)
The Corbett Foundation
Cure AHC - Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood
Kindred - For parents of children with complex needs
Anne Rowling Regenerative Neurology Clinic - University of Edinburgh
The Long Run Initiative
David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

Institution / Universities & Boards:

The Durrell Institute of Conservation and Ecology (DICE) - University of Kent / Canterbury (UK)
Tourism & Protected Area Specialist Group
The Tourism Society
The Royal Overseas League
Wildlife Conservation Research Unit - Wild CRU | University of Oxford
University of Cambridge - Department of Geography
School of Hospitality & Tourism Management - University of Surrey

Travel Industry: 

Inspired Challenges - Group Challenges and Expeditions supporting Local Communities
Volcanoes Safaris - Uganda | Rwanda
Pugdundee Safaris - Pench | Kanha | Bandhavgarh | Panna | Chitwan
Ranthambhore Bagh - Ranthambhore
Dev Vilas - Ranthambhore
Vanghat Lodge- Corbett 
White Winged Journeys - North East India Wildlife Experiences
Indian Experiences - Experiencing India Differently
Southall Travel 
Travindy - Transforming Tourism News
Planet Abled - Accessible Travel for People with a Disability

Blogs, Bloggers, Writers & Digital Influencers:

writing white texture pen brush sign paper ink blank art background sketch drawing design handmade calligraphy draw simple cosmetics signature mockup sketchingPlaneta - Conscious travel around the globe
Migrationology - I Travel for Food
Uncornered Market - Travel Wide, Travel Deep
Budget Traveller - Travel in Style and on a Budget 
Adventurous Kate - Solo Female Travel Blog
Traveldudes - For Travellers, By Travellers
iambassador - bloggers and digital influencers 
Velvet Escape - Luxury Travel Blog by Keith Jenkins
A Lady in London - Adventure of an expat Californian girl living in London & travelling the world. 
Travel Unmasked - Impassable is Nothing 
Kirsten Alana - An eye for life 
Jools Stone - Rustling words since 2002 / Copywriter 
Breathe Dream Go - The transformational travel guide
The Shooting Star - Just a girl who travels
Soul Travel Blog - Travel with Conscience, Journeys with Soul
Travel See Write - Off Beat Places, Untold Stories
Earth Xplorer Media
The Social Traveller - Social around the world
Wanderlusting Chick - Me, Myself, MS & I - My Life, My Journey
Flora the Explorer  
Memsahib in India  - Discovering India Differently
Mad About Travel - Patricia's Travel blog about Scotland
Mallory On Travel - Making Everyday an Adventure
Time Turtle Travel - See the world with Michael and go beyond the brochure
Finding the Universe - Travel with Noah and Jessica on tales, photography and a dash of humour. 
McCool Travel - Destinations, Trip-Planning and Travel Inspiration
IndiTales - Anuradha Goyal's Travel Blog from India 
Sophie on Track - Sophie Collard's blog on Train Travel in the UK, Europe and around the world 

Photographers & Wildlife Artists:

Nikhil Devasar Photography
Anish Andheria
Ashley Boon - Wildlife Artist
Edinburgh Photographic Society - Est 1861
Travel & Photography - Kim Kjaeside's travel and photography website



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‘One in a million’ Edinburgh toddler set for rare disease trial in US: Reports Edinburgh Evening News

We were interviewed by the Edinburgh Evening News where they highlighted Anya's rare medical condition. I have attached the report on this post. The Edinburgh Evening News report was written by Kevan Cristie ‘One in a million’ Edinburgh toddler set for rare disease trial in US KEVAN CHRISTIE Katherine Behl with her 18-month daughter, Anya, with dad Abhishek. Pic: Lisa Ferguson The family of an 18-month-old toddler who has a condition so rare it only affects one person in a million are raising funds for a groundbreaking gene therapy project in the US.  Anya Behl, suffered her first episode of what would later be diagnosed as Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) at 10 weeks old in October 2017. Those with the lifelong condition are described as ‘human timebombs’ as the illness which is like having seven diseases at once - including stroke like paralysis and symptoms of Parkinson’s disease, can strike at anytime.  Her parents Abhishek and Katherine told how everyth

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We always know that good advertising plays a key role in ones responsible development. Wildlife charities have worked very hard to be creative, and to pass a good message to their viewers about saving our planet. How important it is for us humans to start thinking and start saving our wilderness as we live in and what is around us.  ---- Some of the very powerful adverts are from  WWF campaigns . For those who have not a clue to what what WWF is all about: Here we go -  WWF  (World Wide Fund for Nature) is an organization which mission is to stop the degradation of our planet’s natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature. WWF was founded in 1961. It was the product of a deep concern held by a few eminent gentlemen who were worried by what they saw happening in our world at that time. Since those early days WWF has grown up to be one of the largest environmental organizations in the world. (more on  Wiki ) Below we list WWF ads. Hope you’

Signing up to Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) UK Newsletter.

Yes people, It is finally here and we are working on sending out updates to various people about Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood UK via a newsletter and the chair's update.  If you would like to be involved and to be kept informed about the various updates that are happening with AHC in the UK and all over the world -  Please sign up to the new AHC UK Newsletter for updates ( Click on & add your name/email on this attached link : ) We look forward in sharing our updates with you all.

Anya is 1 in a million: Funding for all AHC Kids & Gene Therapy Research

We are so grateful for all the amazing support, messages and generous donations to research from our wonderful family and friends in 2018.  A  heartfelt thanks. We have been blown away by your kindness!   In February 2018 at 6 months old, Anya was given the diagnosis of  Alternating Hemiplegia of Childhood (AHC) after genetic testing for the  ATP1A3 gene. This is an extremely rare condition, affecting one in a  million; it arises from a chance, non-inherited error. It is something we  had neither heard of nor something we could ever have envisaged our  precious first-born having to struggle with. It’s been a very difficult year and we’ve seen symptoms (sometimes life-threatening) that we wouldn’t wish any parent to witness.  AHC has effects beyond the neurological ones and sadly Anya has had breathing and cardiac difficulties too. Almost all children with AHC have physical, cognitive and developmental disabilities across a spectrum. By the age of two 50% have epilepsy; and