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Like Africa's 'Big 5' Animals - India has it's 'Magnificent 7' species for Wildlife Tourism

This is an old post that I had written in my days of being a wildlife travel blogger and working with Wild Navigator Sit back and enjoy this read !! -- Like Africa's 'Big 5' Animals - India has it's 'Magnificent Seven' species for Wildlife Tourism Origin of Africa's Big 5 When we start researching about the Africa savannah, the continent and it's wilderness, the term 'Big 5 ' always seem to crop up. The establishment of the world's first national park was not in Africa but at Yellowstone in the United States of America in 1872. This was much earlier then expected as the prime origin of this national park was for recreational use and not for scientific research. Africa at that time was heavily into the hunting scene where species in the wild was taken as game - this is where the 'Big 5' terminology came into being. The origination was defined by 'Big Game Hunters' in Africa who shot game and the 'Big 5' were those mamma