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Green Chat on CNN-IBN with Abhishek Behl - Will Tiger Tourism Help Conservation?

I am reposting an old chat that I did on my blog. This was taken by CNN-IBN News Channel when I was the Director of TOFT India (2008) Green Chat with Abhishek Behl Will tiger tourism help conservation? PROJECT TIGER TOURISM: Some experts are touting wildlife tourism as a viable method for wildlife conservation. As tiger populations crash across the country, a vital question is can tourism pump in the much-needed money into wild habitats and local people in a responsible manner to help in the conservation of the tiger? That’s the question we are asking in this month’s Green Chat of the Month with Abhishek Behl of Travel Operators for Tigers . TOFT is a campaign that works closely with the tourism industry round the country. It aims to aid better communication and knowledge within the wilderness and to ensure that wilderness tourism plays a beneficial role in the long-term future of wildlife and India’s wilderness. Abhishek Behl comes armed with an MSc degree in Conservation & Tour