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Sumatra is Burning: Video from the Heart of Palm Oil Country

By  Abhishek B     February 23, 2019    Labels:,,,,,,,,,,, 
Palm Oil as many of you may not know is used for more than 50% of goods sold in our supermarkets - from chocolates to lipsticks, conditioning agent in shampoos, instant noodles, crisps and many more.

Result of Deforestation fire for a palm oil plantation.  Photo: Alexander Hotz / Coconuts Media 

Nicely demonstrated by Coconut TV below is a cheat sheet on Southeast Asia's Palm Oil Crisis

Coconuts TV's documentary SUMATRA BURNING looks into the sumatra palm oil crisis and where the camera team travelled to Palembang, Indonesia to investigate rainforest clearance fires for palm oil plantations that cause environmental, economic, political, and health problems throughout Southeast Asia


Have your say on this topic? What do you feel about Palm Oil and what steps can you take to make a difference ?

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