Bird of the Day #BOTD Series - It is Mumbai's 'Multi-storey Lesser Flamingos'

Welcome back to the Bird of the Day #BOTD Series and today we feature the Lesser Flamingo  (Phoenicoparrus minor). 

Near threatened in the IUCN Conservation status - The Lesser Flamingos species are found in sub-Saharan Africa, with another population found in India (Rann of Kutch, Gujarat). The characteristics of this bird species is that it is one of the smallest species of flamingos. Their weight can vary from 1.2 kgs to 2.7 kgs with a standing height of 80 to 90 cms. 

The Lesser Flamingo species comes in the Old World Species of flamingos along with the Greater Flamingos. The Lesser Flamingo stand out with it's distinctive black mark on it's bill compared to the Greater Flamingos. 

Bird of the Day #BOTD series capture was taken by Setu Sunnu and he calls it the 'Multi-storey Lesser Flamingos' and was featured on his Facebook page 

A large number of Lesser Flamingos and their chicks reach Mumbai (India) from it's breeding grounds of the Rann of Kutch in Gujarat. In Mumbai most of this bird species are found in the mudflats of the Sewri Mangrove Park.  In May 2018, The Hindustan Times reported that Mumbai's favourite Flamingo watching site at Sewri to be closed down for around 7 years. This capture defines the photographer living amongst multi-storey building and still able to capture the flight of the Lesser Flamingos. 

Via Facebook 

Location: Mumbai, (India). 


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