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#WeDontDeserveThisPlanet: 10 years Challenge and Counting

By  Abhishek B     January 20, 2019    Labels:,,,,,,, 
Many of you may have come across this post going around in various social media circles. The 10 years challenge defines what you or anyone else looked like in 2009 when facebook started and what they look like in 2019. 

As a wildlife conservationist - this 10 years challenge defines about the disaster our planet is gone through and We Don't Deserve This Planet. 

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A 10 year challenge that matters. This will not be the end for our elephants, we REFUSE to say goodbye. Stand by us and we will bring you stories of success, this we promise you. Let those that have been taken from us not have died in vain. 
Photo Credit: Nick Brandt

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