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'Hidden' Disability - The invisible symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS)

By  Abhishek B     January 24, 2019    Labels:,,,,,,,,,, 
This latest film from Shift.ms has been inspired by the conversations of the www.Shift.ms community - I personally have been living with this medical condition and have had Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis (RRMS) for over 18 years now - Its a great thing to say that I have a hidden disability but sometimes this hidden medical condition can be very difficult, as people accept you to know and do anything a (so called normal) human-being would or can do.

Have a look at the video and do share this in your social media channels / also please do leave a comment below - always helps and encourages me to live with this medical condition positively.

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Find out more about the hidden symptoms of MS at www.shift.ms/invisible-symptoms/


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